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Legislature and governor have acted against coastal lawsuit, but flood authority lawyer says battle

Gladstone Jones, the lead trial lawyer for a New Orleans flood authority, is gearing up for a protracted legal battle over the constitutionality of an unprecedented lawsuit he filed against energy producers in Louisiana last summer.

Last month, Governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill passed by the Louisiana Legislature that clarified an existing law banning the board, officially known as the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, from filing lawsuits without permission.

But SLFPAE and its attorneys are hoping to see the courts overturn the governor and the legislature.

“In fact, it would not be accurate to say this is even close to being over,” Jones recently said in an interview with The Lens. “It’s barely close to even starting.”

It looks as if the plaintiff trial lawyers are doggedly pursuing a big fee award for themselves, despite the actions of the legislature and the governor to kill the suit. Read more...

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