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How does Third Party Litigation affect Louisiana’s judicial climate?

In a significant move toward transparency and fairness, Louisiana may soon join other states in addressing the impact of third-party litigation finance arrangements (TPLAs) on civil litigation. The recently approved Litigation Financing Disclosure and Security Protection Act (SB 196) aims to shed light on non-party participants who influence lawsuits and to allow defendants to explore these agreements and arrangements12. Listen...

Business groups and Louisiana’s insurance commissioner are supporting multiple measures under consideration in the state Legislature aimed at curbing excessive regulations and improving Louisiana’s civil litigation climate. 

“Insurers and reinsurers have repeatedly told me they have three major concerns in Louisiana: catastrophe exposure, overregulation and a poor legal environment,” Commissioner Tim Temple said in a recent statement. “I’m doing everything I can to address their first concern through my support for the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program and other resiliency efforts, and the industry is taking notice.” Read more...


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