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Since its establishment in 2007, LLAW has grown to nearly 20,000 supporters across the state representing hardworking Louisiana businesses and families. LLAW is dedicated to supporting legislative initiatives for legal reform, promoting transparency in Louisiana’s judiciary system, ensuring citizens understand their legal rights and encouraging jury service. 


Through community outreach, public education and grassroots advocacy, LLAW works to raise awareness about the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse for all Louisianans. LLAW urges our elected officials to bring more balance, fairness and common sense to the state’s civil justice system.

Citizens are encouraged to be empowered as legal consumers, act as watchdogs to call out abuses and engage as voters to urge candidates and elected officials to support reform.

Lana Sonnier Venable 
Executive Director
LSVenable Headshot_21 (1).JPG

Lana Sonnier Venable took the helm as Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) Executive Director in July 2018. A veteran public affairs professional, Venable brings 25 years of experience to LLAW, including positions in the private sector, state government and non-profit organizations. Her areas of expertise include media relations, community outreach, government relations and issues management.

By raising awareness about the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse and helping to pass legislation to improve Louisiana’s legal climate, LLAW has grown to include a diverse mix of nearly 20,000 supporters across the state. These advocates are dedicated to fixing Louisiana’s broken legal system through transparency, accountability and lawsuit reform.




About Us

Our state's future depends on our ability to retain and  attract diverse employers that provide opportunities for all Louisianans and grow our economy.  The trial bar should not be a cottage industry in Louisiana.

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