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Latest Headlines – Lessons Learned by Playing Nice and Wire Fraud in Oil Spill Claims

LLAW has been alerted to two stories this week, highlighting the abuse in the oil spill claims process and the bad precedent this abuse is setting:

“Within weeks of the epic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP apologized, acknowledged partial blame, began paying claims and cleanup costs, and sought to settle lawsuits rather than fight in court. Yet after spending more than $28 billion so far to make amends and dilute the public-relations debacle, the London-based oil giant remains enmeshed in litigation.” Read more on Bloomberg BusinessWeek. “A Slidell man at the center of an investigation into claims of fraud in the BP oil spill settlement program was charged Tuesday (Sept. 23) with two counts of felony wire fraud.” Read more on the Times Picayune.

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