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Grassroots petition calling on Gov. Edwards to create jobs collects over 5,000 signatures

BATON ROUGE, LA (July 10, 2017)— An online petition launched by Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch that challenges Gov. John Bel Edwards to refocus his agenda on job creation and improving the state’s economy has collected more than 5,000 signatures in just a few weeks.

“The outpouring of support has been overwhelming,” said LLAW executive director Melissa Landry. “It is clear many people across the state are frustrated by the administration’s appalling lack of concern with growing job losses and unemployment. We hear constantly about raising taxes and filing lawsuits to address the needs of government, but what about the needs of our workers to find quality jobs?”

The call for Gov. Edwards to focus on improving the state’s business climate and get people back to work comes after 18 straight months of year-over-year job losses and more than $1 billion in tax increases pushed by the governor last year.

Since taking office in 2016, Gov. Edwards has also aggressively worked to expand the state’s role in coastal lawsuits targeting Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry, which provides thousands of good jobs. In addition, the administration recently acknowledged the hiring of one of Gov. Edwards’ top campaign donors and fundraisers to represent the state in more lawsuits targeting the energy industry that are expected in the coming months.

“Our communities are struggling and we desperately need jobs,” Landry said. “We need good jobs that provide the wages, benefits and opportunities necessary for workers to raise their families and save for the future. We need high-paying jobs that produce the tax revenues necessary to stabilize the state budget and allow our local economies to thrive. Relentlessly taxing and suing small businesses, entrepreneurs and manufacturers will not attract these kinds of jobs—rather it will push more and more of them away.”

Launched through LLAW’s Facebook page in May, the petition says, “Over 20,000 Louisiana workers lost their jobs in the last two years. We have the fourth-worst unemployment rate in the country. Our families are struggling. Our economy is shrinking. Simply put, we need JOBS. Not more taxes and lawsuits.”

The online drive to collect petition supporters will remain active through the end of 2017.

“We are giving as many people as possible a chance to speak out,” Landry added. “Louisiana policies should support quality job creation—not more taxation and litigation. Join us and the growing number of citizens calling on Gov. Edwards to focus on the economy and get Louisiana back to work.”

To sign the petition supporting quality job creation in Louisiana go to:


Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch is a high-impact watchdog group with more than 10,000 supporters across the state dedicated to fixing Louisiana’s broken legal system through transparency, accountability and lawsuit reform. Learn more at:

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Melissa Landry, Executive Director Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (504) 458-5180

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