Legislative Preview: A guide to the top legal reforms to watch in 2014

The Louisiana Legislature kicked off the 2014 regular session in March, beginning a series of discussions about the most important issues facing the state. Already it is clear lawsuit reform will be front and center in the debate.

After seeing years of increased litigation and watching a few entrepreneurial members of the trial bar abuse loopholes in the legal system to line their pockets, it seems Governor Bobby Jindal and some lawmakers have finally had enough. In his opening address to the Legislature, Governor Jindal said:

"We will be supporting efforts by a number of legislators and business leaders who have expressed concerns about recent litigation, its impact on economic development and the need to create a more business friendly environment in the legal system. We’ve done a lot of things to make Louisiana a great place to do business. We’ve cut taxes, cut government spending, reformed our ethics code, and improved our education system. But, we also need to make sure we have a predictable, fair, legal environment in Louisiana."

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