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Another Fisherman Represented by AndryLerner Accused of Fraudulent Claim

Looks like our Louisiana lawyers are going fishing again!

A second fisherman, Jarrod A. Burrle has been accused of being represented by a law firm and filing a false lawsuit against the BP claim. The fisherman filed a fraudulent $50,000 claim against BP, and is represented by a law firm that has previously aided in a previous false suit against the company.

“In Burrle’s case, a 2010 federal income tax return he provided to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) showed he had made $53,385 as a commercial fisherman. However, that tax return was allegedly never filed with the Internal Revenue Service and was created solely to deceive the GCCF, according to Freeh.

Based on Burrle’s claims, DHECC paid him a total of $50,015.87 and had already offered him another $26,493.84 for a captain claim that had not yet been paid. In addition, Burrle was paid $46,400 for chartering his vessel during the oil spill cleanup phase as part of the Vessel of Opportunity program.”

To read more about the fraudulent claim, visit the full article here.

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