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Slight Improvement, But Louisiana Still Named a “Judicial Hellhole"

BATON ROUGE, LA (December 9, 2020) – Though the state moved down a spot in the rankings, Louisiana’s toxic legal climate earned it the #5 spot among the nation’s “Judicial Hellholes.” It’s the eighth year in a row the Bayou State has graced the list of hellholes, deemed the most unjust local courts and state civil justice systems in the country.

Compiled by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), the annual report shines a spotlight nine Judicial Hellholes in all. The Judicial Hellholes report pinpoints Louisiana’s “tort tax” at $1,600 per household – that’s the hidden cost of living in a state with so many frivolous lawsuits. Those excessive costs associated with our litigious state means nearly 20,000 jobs lost and $1.2 billion in personal income lost annually. Read more...

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