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Attorney involved in Deepwater Horizon Settlement says case is hopeless

An attorney out of St. John the Baptist Parish, who was the first attorney to file suit against BP immediately after the BP oil spill, is saying that the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is a lost cause.

Attorney Daniel Becnel said the Deepwater Horizon oil spill class action lawsuit is beyond flawed. Deepwater Horizon is the largest class action lawsuit in history with damages exceeding billions of dollars.

Becnel filed suit against BP just eight days after the BP oil spill occurred, killing 11 people and making history by being the largest oil spill ever, lasting for 87 days.

Today, Becnel is critical of the settlement process, but specifically the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC), which is a group of 18 attorneys that authorized a settlement for BP back in 2012. The settlement included “$660 million payday for the lawyers as well as a percentage of each claim paid out,” according to Louisiana Record.

Months ago, Becnel spoke with the Louisiana Record, telling the legal journal that PSC’s actions have endangered the entire Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

Watch the interview here:

One of Becnel’s biggest tiffs was his claim that the PSC purposefully included loopholes in the settlement agreement while also dishing out claims to unworthy individuals.

The US Supreme Court has already decided not to rule on the settlement, which means there is not much Becnel and other laywers who believe the process is faulty can do.

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