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2022-23 Judicial Hellholes Report: LLAW Statement

2022-23 Judicial Hellholes Report

LLAW Statement

Louisiana has landed at No. 7 in the American Tort Reform Foundation’s (ATRF) 2022-2023 Judicial Hellholes report, ranking the most unjust local courts and state civil justice systems in the country. This marks the thirteenth year jurisdictions in Louisiana have been named in the report, with the state only improving by one spot from last year’s rankings.

From statewide economic and job losses and ongoing coastal lawsuits to insurance lawsuit schemes targeting the trucking industry and lack of transparency in the judiciary, Louisiana is no stranger to being named a Judicial Hellhole.

Louisiana continues to lose jobs and revenue to the tune of billions of dollars annually due to excessive civil court costs. Every Louisianan pays a “tort tax” of more than $1000 each year due to the costs of excessive lawsuits. The current total impact of these costs results in more than $4.7 billion in lost economic activity, more than 46,000 job losses and nearly $3 billion in lost wages for hardworking Louisianans. (Source: Economic Benefits of Tort Reform)

Just last month, a new study by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform found Louisiana’s tort costs out of touch with the rest of the nation, ranking Louisiana second in terms of tort costs as a percentage of state Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and eighth in tort costs per household. (Source: U.S. Tort System Costs $443 Billion)

Lawsuit abuse harms hardworking Louisianans by clogging our court system with meritless and frivolous cases, taking dollars away from research and development of new consumer products, driving up insurance costs, and driving away jobs. Louisiana can – and must – do better.

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About Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch

Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) is a high-impact watchdog group with nearly 20,000 supporters across the state dedicated to fixing Louisiana’s broken legal system through transparency, accountability


Lana Venable, Executive Director


2022-23 Judicial Hellholes Report: LLAW Statement
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